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Hacked Movie 2020 Story
In our times we’ve become what we search. We are the sum of our search history. What should happen if someone gets a hand on it? Hacked may be a gripping, fringe of the seat thriller which explores the dark side of the digital world and therefore the dangers of cybercrime.
Hacked Movie Review: Hina Khan, Rohan Shah’s Mystery Drama Promises Belly Laughs
A disgruntled ‘other woman’ in Hacked quizzes her single-minded lover, “Are you curious about having an honest time?” Without a blink, he claps back with, “Why would I have an interest in having a nasty time?” But corny comebacks are the least of our concerns with this psychological thriller meets Enemy of the State-grade stalker flick that’s high on ambition and miserable in execution. Riding her manicured blood-red nails over the laptop, Sameera (Hina Khan) is the chief editor of a fashion magazine. All seems to be well till her neighborhood friend and teen stalker Vivek (Rohan Shah) decides to employ his tech wizardry in wreaking hell in her life. The cell phone lights up with a digital graphic, playing an audio message that cannot be paused until the phone is dropped on the floor and dismembered, while the TV starts relaying a live video feed. It almost looks like a plug for a sensible home for an unsmart resident. When Sameera’s social media handles are hacked, she’s distraught. “Usne Mera Facebook hack kar Diya,” she cries, before adding, “Aur Mera Instaframe bhi.” And like many Bhatt films, this one has an eclectic assortment of choicest dialogues. So while one woman in this film casually summarises her story with, “So I became his prostitute,” another protest, saying “I’m not some kind of mistress.” But the real gem is someone during this film who offers a fix to a perplexing concern, saying, “He’s a sociopath and a criminal aur har criminal ka crime kahin na kahin chupa hota hai.” And since Bhatt doesn’t expect the audience to join the dots, there’s another that goes, “We bury all our raaz on the internet today.” Why Khan, who has had a flourishing career in TV and reality shows, dared to plunge into this tacky vehicle, is beyond us. Shah, who gets to play minor Moriarty-of-sorts, completes his menacing avatar with twisted expressions similar to that of someone with a disturbed digestive system. For a film that aspires to be nerve-racking, this one promises belly laughs. In the scene where Sameera is at her last tether and is sprinting around town, yelling curses at webcams, even the sound effects are hilarious. When she almost rams into a truck and dropped head first on the road, the foley sound plugged in is of a coconut being cracked open.
 Hina Khan’s Hacked Full Movie Gets Leaked Online to Download in HD!
News oi-Swikriti Srivastava By Lekhaka | Published: Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 12:36 [IST] Bigg Boss 13: Hina Khan’s Exclusive interview on her debut film Hacked | FilmiBeat TV actress Hina Khan has finally made her raid Bollywood with Hacked and sadly, the film is already available on the internet for the free download. The notorious site, Tamilrockers, which is understood for leaking most of the films on the very first day of its release, has leaked Hina Khan’s Hacked too. Hina Khan’s Hacked, which released on February 7, clashed with Mohit Suri’s Malang and did not cross the sum amount of 1 crore at the box office. Meanwhile, here’s what netizens need to say about Hacked. Dharmil Doshi @Dharmildoshi6: “A nice movie to observe, but this movie could are also made with ‘U/A’ ratings. The adult scenes were not that necessary. The story may need to change a touch not much difference…But that would have made an excellent impact on the box office.” Sweta Singh @sweta120693: “Watched #Hacked today. Got goosebumps after seeing @eyehinakhan acting. Guys go and watch definitely your heart is going to be #Hacked by @eyehinakhan.I still remember in Bigg Boss someone was said that “ye begin Bollywood ki actress” This film may be a slap for them. Lots of Love #sherkhan.” Hacked Movie Review: Hina Khan’s Cyber Crime Thriller Fails To Evoke Sympathy Ajay Das @IammAjayDas: “Absolutely loved to watched #Hacked. An amazing, promising and really strong content.👌👌👌 @eyehinakhan Mam you look exceptionally well as Sam. Take a bow👏👏👏 worth to watch you on big-screen.” Anjali @anjali01755393: “Watched #Hacked finally.! Really nice story & loved @eyehinakhan! The way she’s growing man👏🏻Go watch it. I really started liking her, she has begun as a dignified personality. Also, I really like watching her mom on her insta stories. #HackedReview #HinaKhan.”
Hacked Movie Release Date
07 Feb 2020
Hacked Movie Rating
IMDB – 6.1/10
Desi Martini – 4.4/5

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Hacked Movie Cast

Hina Khan as Sameera Khanna aka Sam
Rohan Shah as Vivek
Mohit Malhotra as Rohan Mehra
Sid Makkar as Om Kapoor
Pravina Deshpande as Vivek’s Grandmother
Sheetal Dabholkar as Nandini
Garrvil Mohan as Dr. Ravi Sinha
Tanvi Thakkar as Riya

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