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Bruce lee birthday date 27 November 1940

The beginnings: Lee, the son of opera star Lee Hoi-Chuen, began his acting career with a minor role in the 1941 release Golden Gate Girl. He acted alongside his father in The Kid at the age of nine, According to several reports, Lee had been a part of nearly 20 movies by the time he turned 18. he started his career in the film industry from a small age. Bruce passed away at only 32. However, his swift accurate moves and leg movements continue to be revered by many. On his 80th birth anniversary, here are 10 little known facts about the legendary figure:

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An impressive start: Lee began his acting career on an impressive note as Big Boss, his first film in a lead role, emerged as a runaway hit at the box office while receiving rave reviews. According to most critics, he overshadowed established actor James Tien in the action-packed movie, gaining plenty of attention for the right reasons.

Lee was born on the Chinese Year of the Dragon, on the Day of the Dragon, even on the hour of the Dragon. His common nickname “Little Dragon” now seems quite apt. Lee worked with many extras and martial artists in his films who later on became huge stars. The list includes Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung and Chuck Norris. legend bruce lie his death in 1973

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